Who the heck am I ??

First off I’m not a lahdeedah kind of lady or mom. I have 2 grown son’s that managed to make it to adulthood reasonably unscathed from my attempts to raise them into some form of responsible adults.

Lets go back in time a bit to BC, before children ...

I worked with low functioning autistic teens who lived in a residence in my hometown for 6 years.. talk about learning on the fly! I learned about the importance of routines, positive reinforcement and teaching life skills. During that time I went to college and got my coordinated diploma as a Special Education Assistant. What that means is I dumped 4 years of college learning into 1 diploma.. oh btw 400 people applied for 35 spots.. mmmhmmm yes I did that. Then I got married and had my 2 boys and staying home became a huge priority. I got involved in Mom and Tot groups, became a La Leche League Leader (which wasn’t easy!) and eventually a doula..are ya seeing a pattern here????

When we moved to our present location and the need to cover a mortgage and stay home was amplified so I started taking in kids for a few hours a day which over time turned into a full fledged business of running a licensed family daycare in my home for 15 years.. yes 15 years. I had about 83 registered kids through my doors, excluding the many friends, drop-ins and others that found their way into my home. Having to keep my sanity intact, well sort of, with 7 kids under 7 from 6:30-5:30+ ,5 days a week I needed an arsenal of tools, tricks, information and imagination to pull from at the drop of a hat... or glass of juice. Being the bookworm I am, I started reading every parenting book I could find from my local library and thrift store that I could lay my hands on. So the sifting through, trying, adapting and tossing the info that didn’t jive with me as a person or as the parent I wanted to become was how I learned. The more I experienced ,the more I grew and was able to pull these skills out of my “toolbox”, faster than a 3 year old running away with your favorite lipstick and it became effortless.

So here we are, I hope to encourage, educate, laugh, share and bumble along with you all in this crazy ride called parenthood. Let me put your mind at rest the worry of permanently scarring your children by making a mistake... you already have and it was over something so small and innocuous that you’d never remember it even if you tried. So now that , that’s out of the way shall we head out and get ready to feel confident, in control and secure that you’re doing your best for YOU and YOUR family.

Parent Coach Professional